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Using Your Flavia

Download our handy printable Flavia guide here. This guide can be placed near your Flavia coffee machine helping your users by clearly explaining how to use the Flavia to make a great cup of coffee....
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Flavia User Guides - Setting Up

Download our Flavia user guide to setting up your Flavia coffee machine here.This guide helps you set up and configure your Flavia coffee machine....
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Colombian Coffee Strikes Called Off

More coffee news from South America, this time from the world’s fourth largest coffee exporter, Columbia. At the end of February thousands of coffee growers took to the streets to protest the worsening conditions they find themselves in as their real income continues to fall after falling prices and a strong local currency. They were demanding greater subsidies from the government that already pays growers subsidies.On the 7th March the disruption was finally brought to an end as the Colombian ...
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Rust Fungus Devastating Coffee Crops in Central America

The tree killing fungus roya, known as coffee rust, is now devastating coffee crops throughout Central America and could end up costing half a billion dollars over this year’s harvest with some half a million small farmers affected. Countries reporting outbreaks of the fungus include Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica. These are poor countries where people depend on coffee farming for their livelihoods. Central America's major coffee export organization ORCECA said ...
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Vending from Another Dimension

So there are vending machines and there are vending machines. Here on the Office Beverages blog pages, we’ve discussed some pretty weird and wonderful vending machines and latest example is no exception and sure to be a real winner with fans of a certain timelord.Now, depending on your television habits, you will either have no idea what I’m talking about or know immediately that I’m talking about that perennial of science fiction characters, Dr Who. And what of the vending machine? Well it’s ...
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Nepalese Coffee Cultivation on the Rise

“Last year Nepal exported 1m dollars of coffee beans, that’s about 400 tonnes and is 30 times what was exported two decades ago. In a country with deep poverty, coffee is one of the few areas that seem to be thriving.”The words of a BBC report on the growing trends of coffee cultivation in Nepal. It certainly could be a ray of light for this poor country. Coffee shops are now springing up all over the capital Kathmandu and the growth in travellers and backpackers visiting the region ...
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Public Toilet Coffee Shop

London coffee shop, the Attendant, certainly isn’t your average coffee shop. Put it this way, you’d certainly not expect to take your coffee or cup of tea to the lavatory after ordering it. But in the Attendant you’re already there. Before you even order. That’s because this trendy little coffee shop in Fitzrovia is set in a rather grand underground Victorian public toilet.I’m sure not everyone will be enthralled by the idea of sipping their latte from a table set across a row of urinals ...
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Kettles and Coffee Machines

An interesting article took my eye recently in the Telegraph about the falling sales in kettles. The reason for the kettle’s decline it seems, has been put right at the feet of a surge in home coffee machine sales.Sales of kettles are down from 8.1 million in 2007 to 7.5 million in 2012. In 2008 15% of people bought a new kettle but in 2012 this figure had fallen to 12.8%. Our reliance on the humble kettle is slowly being eroded.It could be easy to blame this all on the rise of the coffee machine. ...
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Market Research, Cup of Coffee. Costa's new CEM-200 does both

January 13th - 16th saw the National Retail Federation trade show take place in New York City and Costa Coffee's new intelligent vending machine certainly caused a stir. Showcasing some impressive cutting edge technology, the CEM-200 is a full height vending kiosk that could well be a sign of things to come across the entire vending machine sector.  Let’s skip past the actual coffee brewing elements of this coffee machine and look at some of the tech on board, because it really is impressive ...
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Innovations in Technology may see Vending Industry Buck Decline in Sales

A US market research report just released in the US by Packaged Facts has forecast that the vending industry may be turning a corner with a 1.5% growth in sales in 2015. This would see the industry buck years of falling sales and it could all be driven by technological innovations.And perhaps most notably the report states that ‘technological innovation holds the key to future growth.’ On the supply side, technological advances in wireless network supply will see integrated and automated ...
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