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Office Health, Hydration And Now Hot Drinks

By Chris Cook

Peter Brooks MD at Office Watercoolers (OWC) commented "we have extended our health and hydration to include the new Flavia fresh brew hot drinks system. If you value freshness, convenience, wellbeing and sustainability as much as we do then you will not be disappointed with our new service".

OWC offer the  broadest range of single origin and blended drinks, made from only the finest ingredients, sealed into individual filter packs for ultimate freshness every time. The convenience of a vending machine with smart technology and industry-leading reliability, all dedicated to making FLAVIA the hassle-free way to deliver quality refreshments.

In support of OWC's carbon neutral policy, and the needs of the environment, this FLAVIA system can help you reduce energy and waste and help you to help others. Industry-leading reliability means delicious drinks are on demand whenever and wherever you want them and, because your machine is so reliable, it means fewer engineers on the road, a positive for the environment too. With low energy consumption, and sleep mode, this fully supports our carbon reduction programme.

The simplicity of the machine and drinks delivery means FLAVIA can save you time and labor compared to other hot drinks systems. The unique FLAVIA pack means drinks retain quality for up to 12 months, reducing hours spent organizing stock, and because all of the hard work happens inside the pack, cleaning takes a fraction of the time.


...use of the finest ingredients, including Arabica beans
...careful roasting, enabling release of more than 200 hidden flavors
...uncompromising freshness, to avoid contamination from oxygen and moisture
...consistent coarseness when grinding
...and finally - careful brewing for the optimum extraction time

OWC takes great pride in adhering to these principles the filter pack concept was specifically for this purpose. A blended coffee such as Smooth Roast holds approximately 58 coffee beans, roasted and ground with care and sealed in to retain freshness. When water is added, the shape of the filter pack provides the optimum volume for the ingredients to brew before working its way through our unique filter system. The perfect tea requires many of the same principles, starting with highest quality ingredients. However, the optimal brewing volume for tea leaves is quite different; hence our tea packs are a different shape to those containing coffees.

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