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Environmental Initiative 2009

By Peter Brooks

Carbon Offsets 

We support the value of Gold standard Kyoto carbon credits that have been ratified by the United Nations.

These ratified higher priced carbon credits are guaranteed to fund carbon reduction projects in less developed countries and truly offset our own carbon foot print.  With agreement to fund our 2009 carbon emissions we are pleased to confirm that all our mains and bottle fed water coolers are effectively "carbon neutral".

Carbon Reduction projects

We have an active 5 year carbon reduction plan that is minimising our environmental impact while delivering quality products and service excellence.

1.    Reduce delivery miles with the investment in a South Wales depot and local staff from January 2008.
2.    On site electric and gas reduction and a green sustainable supply from May 2009.
3.    New route planning software and route delivery effective schedules from March 2009.
4.    Driver training skills to reduce fuel consumption with in-cab measurement March 2009.
5.    Upgrading new vehicles to larger capacity to reduce delivery frequency Feb 2008.
6.    We have always had reusable water bottles "Refill Not Landfill" after 5 years of service these bottles are recycled into car components and garden furniture.
7.    We have offered our free cup collection and recycling service since 2001, the used cups are recycled into useful office stationary for you to use in support of your own environmental policy.
8.    Develop new watercoolers and products that reduce power consumption and minimise energy when not in use.

We are working with the The Neutral Group a leading force in environmental policy development.

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