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Carbon Neutrality – Pt 3: Our Offsetting Partner: Carbon Clear

By Joe Cox

The environment and the importance of carbon neutrality are things that are very close to this bloggers heart and so I was very happy when Peter asked me to write some pieces on the subject of environmentalism. As mentioned in the last post these issues go far beyond PR and marketing. This isn’t about cashing in on the green zeitgeist to sell more coffee machines or water coolers. These issues are bigger than Office Beverages; bigger than anything we have ever faced in fact.

The biology and climate of our planet (something that is often referred to collectively as the ‘biosphere’) is more interconnected than most of us realise. The carbon we release into the skies above Britain effects far more than Britain; it affects the entire planet. C02 doesn’t recognise national boundaries. These issues will only ever be tackled if we all get on board with this and start doing our bit. At Office Beverages we’re doing our bit through our work with our offsetting partner, Carbon Clear.

We’re extremely proud of our carbon neutral status. This means that for every ounce of carbon we emit into the atmosphere we offset through funding the Keban 5 MW Hydropower Plant in East Anatolia in Turkey that generates renewable energy for the Turkish electricity grid. We work closely with Carbon Clear in not only the funding of this project but also in keeping abreast of how and where our money is being spent and the benefits its bringing.

Carbon Clear are certainly crystal clear on the business imperative of bringing your carbon output into line as it states on its home page:

“In five years time, every company in the UK will manage its carbon impact. Your company will report on it to the government, your shareholders, your staff and your customers.”

We’ll take a look at government policy on carbon neutrality in a later post.

A founding member of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA), Carbon Clear has been working with companies around the world since 2005, helping them to manage their carbon output and ultimately achieve the status of carbon neutral. Perhaps just as important to this process is any businesses ability to actually measure its carbon output in the first place. Carbon Clear offer a comprehensive carbon assessment footprint which helps businesses identify and collate data on their carbon output which then forms an important part of any informed environmental policy.

Carbon Clear’s homepage states “your carbon performance affects a lot more than climate change. It defines your cost base, your profitability, your risk profile, your brand”. I couldn’t agree more with this but if we pause and take a step back; it does all come down to climate change at the end of the day. Whether you’re appealing to business interests or a sense of collective responsibility, we all have to get on board and cut our carbon emissions.

Over the next few days I’m going to be looking at some environmental challenges we’re all facing as a planet and some of the amazing organisations trying to solve them.

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