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The Rainforest Alliance - Pt 2: Promoting Sustainable Solutions

By Joe Cox

Working with farms, tourism operators and forests the Rainforest Alliance is one of the most important Non-Governmental Organisations out there and has been fighting to preserve the environment and its ecosystems for over twenty five years. Their work has helped educate people, connect conservationists and work with real people on the ground to make a real difference. The Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal is recognised the world over, precisely because of their unparalleled achievements in creating sustainable practices, in agriculture and forestry.

We’re proud to sport the Rainforest Alliance frog on our website and our products, meaning we meet specific standards and source our tea and coffee and other products from responsible sustainable producers. Their guiding principle, that ‘business as usual is no longer an option’ is one we share. Their achievements in changing agricultural practices and global awareness cannot be understated.

In the tea and coffee industries alone, they have had a marked effect, with now 2% of the world’s coffee certified and 6.6% of tea (see illustration below). 15% of the world’s bananas are now Rainforest Alliance certified. These are impressive figures given the volumes of these products that go to market every year, but they are not high enough. More awareness is desperately needed though and therefore so is more education.

What makes the Rainforest Alliance so special is their ability and experience working with every side of the supply chain, from farmers to retail outlets. Not only have they championed sustainable practices across the board but they have done commendable work in fighting unethical labour practices.

The Rainforest Alliance is helping fight climate change, poverty and deforestation and is actively working to protect vulnerable ecosystems and endangered species, with 158 million acres of forests now Rainforest Alliance Certified and protected.

We’re proud of being a little part of this huge achievement.

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