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Starbucks Confirms Relationship with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will be expanded

By Peter Brooks

We have always maintained a strong belief, not only in the merits of introducing premium coffee in the workplace, but that this office café culture is an inevitable consequence of advances in brewing technology, as well as modern business culture. Well with a company like Starbuck’s, synonymous with the rise of worldwide café culture, now in partnership with one of the leading premium single serve coffee manufacturers, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

This relationship is now look set to be expanded as the Seattle based coffee shop giant announced on Wed 21st March that it would be expanding its strategic relationship and start producing super premium branded coffee for the Keurig Vue™ Single Cup Brewing system. Produced under the Green Mountain Coffee branding, Starbucks is the exclusive licenced producer of premium coffee for Keurig’s K-Cup™ system and this expansion signifies a market that Starbucks feels happy to expand into.

It seems a no-brainer for Jeff Hansbury, president of channel development at Starbucks, who points out that “premium single cup is the fastest-​growing segment of global coffee, and the expansion of our relationship with GMCR allows us to grow further, faster, in the single cup category.”

The Keurig system is certainly an good brewer and the K-Cup system does look impressive but we’re still all ardent devotees of the Flavia Creation 400 in this office. Maybe not surprising since we stock it but I’ve tasted a lot of coffee from machines in my days and the Flavia’s is probably the best.

Regardless of the machine though, this news seems to point towards the aforementioned trend, and that is towards a huge growth in the premium vended coffee, fuelling the rise of café culture in the office. I believe that in these harsh economic times the desire for premium coffee in the workplace could very well buck any downward trend as managers look for ways of getting more out of their staff, which is turn will increase the work pressures on these staff. The morning coffee run could become a thing of the past for a lot of businesses and what better way to fill this void than with a premium coffee machine in the office.

Starbucks has certainly seen the trend. And when a company as successful as they are makes a move in the coffee vending industry, it’s impossible to ignore. 

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