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Mr Scruff

By Joe Cox

Who is Mr Scruff? Well you may well ask. He’s a DJ and producer who hails from Manchester and whose real name is Andy Carthy. Scruff is well known in clubbing and dance music circles for his epic DJ sets (as much as six hours) and bizarre artwork which feature as visuals to his music videos, albums and website.

But why mention him here, you may well ask. Well the reason is because Mr Scruff loves tea. And so do we. That’s reason enough for me.

It all started back in 2000, when Mr Scruff was a resident at the Music Box club in Manchester. Always fond of a good brew he took it upon himself to start selling tea from a small room and quickly earned a reputation for himself as the DJ who loves tea. The rest as they say is history, with Scruff taking his tea with him, to festivals like Big Chill and WOMAD where it was sold in tents and on stalls throughout the duration of the festival.

Eventually Mr Scruff ventured into making his own brand of tea and today his Make Us a Brew online company sells his Fairtrade tea as well as tea drinking paraphernalia featuring his own unique cartoon characters. His teabags are now sold in Selfridges and Waitrose.

Mr Scruff is certainly unique amongst DJ’s and electronic music producers with his idiosyncratic love of tea. His website’s well worth a visit for the strange and wonderfully humorous illustrations alone. May not be to everyone’s taste, but I happen to love his music as well (quite often whilst enjoying a cup of tea at the same time).

You can catch Mr Scruff DJing at the upcoming Love Saves the Day event on Sunday 3rd June in Castle Park, in our very own Bristol.

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