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Iced Coffee

By Peter Brooks

Iced Coffee

Well the summer sun seems to have finally arrived and so without wishing to speak to soon I thought it’d be apt to talk about a caffeinated classic and a fantastic way to cool down in the heat; the iced coffee.

Iced coffee is served all over the world in various forms but generally is made by brewing strong hot espresso and then pouring this over iced milk. Because sugar won’t melt in cold liquids it is often added to the mix in the form of syrup (water and sugar dissolved together over a low heat).

Variations exist in different countries with some nations having very distinctive ways of preparing the drink. The iced coffee is now ubiquitous in the United States and can be bought ready bottled in grocery stores as well as in coffee shops.

Having been to South East Asia myself I can speak from experience when I say the Thai method for making iced coffee is completely delicious. The coffee is brewed strong, sweetened with sugar, flavoured with cardamom and served over ice. In Cambodian and Vietnam (former French colonies and therefore culturally experienced in the art of brewing coffee) the coffee is poured over condensed milk and ice, which naturally sweetens it making for a delicious refreshing drink after in the humidity of the tropics.

In Japan the drink has been drunk in coffee houses since 1920 and is served with gum syrup and milk.

Over here we have a whole raft of varieties to choose from in coffee shops and cafes up and down the high street. There’s surely not a coffee shop out there that doesn’t offer some variant of iced coffee on its menu, with the iced mocha and latte amongst the favourites.

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