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Quality Coffee = Quality Workforce

By Joe Cox

“Aside from giving us a much needed energy boost for better focus and concentration, the role of coffee in the workplace is much more complicated than it seems. It is an often overlooked fact that the quality of coffee in the workplace has a significant effect on the employees’ performance and productivity.”

The words of excellent coffee website Café Culture Pasadena and I couldn’t agree more. I stumbled across them and it got me to thinking about café culture in the workplace again and what it means from a business point of view. Corporate culture is important in any organisation and I truly believe that a company that indulges its staff in this respect doesn’t only stand out from its competitors as an excellent place to work but also inspires greater productivity in its workforce.

We may be living in an age of austerity and of cuts but I think any sensible business model would do well to look at ignoring the benefits of quality coffee in the workplace. A decent breakout area allows people to unwind and talk with their colleagues in a more relaxed environment. A brilliant and superlative cup of coffee to go with this can make all the difference.

Introducing a quality coffee brewer such as the Flavia Creation can have a multitude of benefits. The workforce is less likely to leave the office on the coffee run, something that for many office workers is an almost daily ritual. This saves innumerable man hours when tallied up over a year. The boost in morale and a feeling of worth amongst workers is something that is intrinsically harder to measure in terms of positive outcome but there have been countless studies to show a happy worker is a more productive worker.

And, of course, by charging a small amount for the coffees the machine can pay for itself.

The benefits of gourmet coffee at work should really speak for themselves though. When you sit down and think about it for a while it seems obvious. The workplace is often a stressful place that, at times, we’d rather not be. By making it more bearable and a more pleasant place to be, we can begin to create a positive corporate culture that is seen to value and cherish the workforce that sustains it. In these times where the whole idea of ‘us’ and ‘them’ seems so more relevant breaking down these barriers can be more important in the long run than endless cost efficiencies.

Call us today to see how we can bring a bit of the café culture to your office.

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