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Fiat’s built in Lavazza Espresso Machine Gives New Meaning to ‘Coffee on the Go’

By Joe Cox

The age of convenience is well and truly upon us with ever more technology becoming integrated into our daily lives. Take the humble motor car. Long ago the automobile shook off its image as a purely functional machine designed to get an individual from A to B. Now it is brimming with technology, much of which makes that journey smoother, more pleasant and most importantly safer. 

Now the French car manufacturer Fiat has gone one step further by introducing a car with the world’s first built in espresso machine. The Fiat 500L features a fully integrated Lavazza espresso maker using its ‘A Modo Mio pods’ and a deck designed by Fiat. In this age of mobile phones and sat navs it may not come as a complete surprise that the announcement has met with some criticism from proponents of road safety.

The coffee machine can be used to brew coffee on the road whilst the vehicle is in motion Fiat has announced. Now I’m no stranger to a strong cup of coffee on a long journey; in fact I think it is extremely beneficial in maintaining levels of alertness. But part of what makes stopping to get a coffee on an arduous journey is just that, stopping. Stretching the legs and getting out the car to purchase your coffee gives you a break from being at the wheel and helps to break the journey up. More importantly you’re not making your own coffee whilst doing 70mph on the motorway. 

I think we could all be enjoying decent coffee out of gourmet coffee machines a lot more, especially in the workplace, but putting a coffee machine in a car seems a step too far. Road safety is just too important.

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