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Do Green Coffee Bean Extract Pills Help Weight Loss?

By Joe Cox

It may seem like yet another fad in a long line of quick fix solutions that claim to bring about incredible weight loss with minimal effort. To many people green coffee bean extract (GCBE), one of the biggest selling weight loss products on the market, is just another example of an industry trying to exploit people who have an overwhelming desire to lose weight.

One of the main proponents of the diet pills is the self-styled Dr Oz who, on his US show, conducted a much cited study with one hundred women, half whom took the 400mg of the extract three times a day and half a placebo. The women who took the extract lost on average 2 pounds more a week than those taking the placebo. After the show aired sales of GCBE rocketed. 

But Dr Oz’s study should be viewed with some caution. Few published studies have examined the effects of the pills on weight loss and none have looked at the long term effects. 

The studies that have been done do seem to suggest a positive effect on weight loss however. The most notable is a 2011 review published in the journal Gastroenterology Research and Practice. This study found that GCBE lowered body weight more significantly than a placebo in three separate studies. The weight loss was only about 5.5 pounds however (quite moderate given the dosage). The Researchers suggested a lot more research before recommending green coffee bean extract for weight loss.

The anti-oxidant content found in raw unroasted green coffee beans, especially from the Arabica plant is undeniable. Chlorogenic acid, the main anti-oxidant in GCBE has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels which spike after eating. The benefits of this include better energy levels as well as the potential for weight loss. But it’s important to realise and take on board that old mantra which is that there is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle with plenty of water, fruit and veg and regular exercise. The green coffee bean extract may well help with the process of losing weight but it’s clearly not a quick fix.

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