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Public Toilet Coffee Shop

By Joe Cox

Attendant Coffee ShopLondon coffee shop, the Attendant, certainly isn’t your average coffee shop. Put it this way, you’d certainly not expect to take your coffee or cup of tea to the lavatory after ordering it. But in the Attendant you’re already there. Before you even order. That’s because this trendy little coffee shop in Fitzrovia is set in a rather grand underground Victorian public toilet.

I’m sure not everyone will be enthralled by the idea of sipping their latte from a table set across a row of urinals (non-active ones I should point out). But there’s something quite brilliantly innovative by the look of this place. It’s upmarket London eccentricity at its finest. Surprisingly spacious this place seems by the look of things to be getting good reviews on the coffee and food front as well.

It’s certainly a far cry from the carbon copy Costas and ubiquitous Starbucks we see dotted up and down our highstreets. This is what drinking good coffee should all be about in my humble opinion. Setting is everything (although bad coffee is and always will be a deal breaker). 

Unlike the humble British pub, the coffee shops are doing well and it seems there is a vibrant market for this kind of quirky and somewhat bohemian establishment. Long may it continue.

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