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Fancy a Coffee?

By Chris Cook

You may have already read that our philosophy is to provide 'great service and great drinks', that's why we've teamed up with Mars Flavia to bring you the best instant hot drinks you'll find on the market! Thanks to our partnership with Flavia, we are proud to bring you delicious coffees, teas and hot chocolates.

So, if you'll indulge us a little, we'd like to tell you about the coffee we provide.

You may, or may not, know that there are two main types of coffee beans - Arabica  and Robusta; Flavia only use the finest Arabica beans to make their coffee. The beans are hand-picked to ensure only the best ones are used to make our coffee. Then the beans are roasted; this improves the flavour reducing any acidic taste from the beans. Once the beans have been roasted, they are then carefully blended to create different flavours. Did you know that the finer you grind your coffee beans, the stronger the coffee? Each individual fresh-ground filter coffee pack makes one drink and contains approximately 58 coffee beans per 6g packet.

The Flavia range of coffees is excellent, and we'd like to invite you to try our coffee!

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