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Lovely Leaves and Brilliant Beans – Introducing The Bright Tea Co.

By Peter Brooks

Introducing the tastiest teas, coffees and hot chocolates on the market, freshly sealed and made before your very eyes in a matter of seconds.

One thing we hear from prospective customers again and again here at Office Beverages is that it’s almost impossible to get a decent cup of tea from a hot drinks machine. Maybe this was once the case but times have certainly changed. It appears that the Bright Tea Co has rustled up, not just one, but nine fantastic blends of tea, all available for the ever reliable Flavia creation 400.

Every day in Britain 165 million cups of tea are consumed. That’s a lot of cuppas. It’s safe to say then that this quintessentially English of beverages is by far the nation’s favourite drink. Research by the Bright Tea Company has found that over half of tea consumers drink 2 or 3 cups or more a day. Of these the black teas are the most popular. So with English Breakfast tea available in standard, strong and decaf varieties, as well as Earl Grey, they really have got all the bases covered.

That’s not to detract from the huge popularity of herbal teas and green teas that are high in antioxidants and contain less caffeine, making them a detoxifying and healthy alternative. Lemon, peppermint, raspberry make up the herbal range with green tea available with or without jasmine.

Bright Tea Co Collection

The Bright Tea Co really have impressed us with the quality of their tea (and believe us we have some expert and uncompromising tea critics working here). Perhaps it is their collaboration with founder of Tazo Tea, Stephen Smith, that is the secret to their knack of making refreshingly good tea. Whatever it is we defy you to find a better tasting tea from a machine.

The Bright Tea Co. also have some impressive environmental credentials, creating a program called Brighter Tomorrow which helps train and support farmers in Africa.

They are also Rainforest Alliance Certified.

For more details see their website or contact us for a free demonstration of the Flavia Creation 400.

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