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Having it all on Tap

By Peter Brooks

It all started when Henri Peter realised that you’d never have truly instant soup unless you had instant hot water. By 1970 he had invented the Quooker tap which dispensed boiling hot water, quite literally, on tap, giving the user instant tea and coffee as well as soup. Despite several setbacks he eventually brought his product to market in 1992 in the Netherlands. By 2004 he was exporting globally and by 2005 the Quooker arrived in the UK and the market hasn’t really looked back.

Although the Quooker is relatively new to the UK market it is going from strength to strength with 15,000 units expected to be installed this year alone (up from 10,000 in 2010).

With more and more products appearing in this growing market, Office beverages brings you one of the most sturdy and robust of commercial designs in the Zip Hydro Tap. Not only does the Zip Hydro Tap dispense boiling water for teas and coffees at a rate of up to 110 cups an hour, it also delivers chilled filtered water straight to the glass at a rate of up to 140 cups per hour. In this way it not only saves on worker downtime by eliminating the need to wait around for a kettle to boil, it can also be the perfect stand in for a water cooler in smaller offices.

At Office beverages we think the Zip Hydro Tap is the shining example of versatility and environmental friendliness in this fast expanding product sector. Three times more effective than an urn and hugely efficient compared to a kettle it is not only quick and easy but produces great tasting chilled water with its BRITA in-line filtration system.

Available in three sizes for up to 75 users the Zip Hydro Tap also comes complete with choices of sleep mode, allowing you to set it to power down or up after a period of inactivity or at certain times of the day, increasing its environmental and cost efficiency credentials even further.

For more details see our info sheet.

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