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The Flavia Way

By Peter Brooks

I don’t mind divulging that I often look forward to that time of the day when the Flavia isn’t surrounded by Office Beverages staff and I can sneak out of my office and load a fresh pack into the machine and listen to it whirr as it prepares my coffee. It truly is a wonder of the modern age. 

Flavia share my passions of course and a browse of their website shows just how much passion they really pour into what they do. Take a look and you’ll see that their coffee really is sourced from all over the world, as are their teas. You really can taste the 200 hidden flavours, aromas and notes unlocked in each cup. 

And what a labour of love they make of locking in those flavours. After sourcing across the world to find the best ingredients Flavia’s commitment to excellent coffee doesn’t end there. Indeed, it’s just got started as the real trick is to capture all those flavours in their fresh packs by sealing them away from oxygen, moisture and light until that special moment after you load it into your Flavia machine and shut the drawe. 

And Flavia’s dedication to delectable beverages doesn’t even end there. They have developed the Flavia Fresh Release™ brewing system to optimise the serving process. Hot water unlocks the sealed pack but coffee beans and tea leaves have different optimum brewing temperatures and the Flavia Fresh Release™ recognises this, giving you the perfect cup of tea or the perfect cup of coffee, depending on your preference. Ingenious!

Take a look at the Flavia website for more info.

All this talk of coffee has got me in the mood for a dark and intense Sumatra. Until next time coffee lovers…

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