Bottled Water Cooler vs Mains Water Cooler – Which Is Best?

Bottled Water Cooler vs Mains Water Cooler – Which Is Best?

Posted by David Bromley on

A bottled water cooler and a mains water cooler are two different types of water cooler. The term bottled or mains refers to the source of the water.

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each of these two water coolers. Deciding which one is ‘best’ is really a matter of opinion. The needs of your business and what you truly value, will ultimately decide which water cooler is best for you.

The Key Difference

The most obvious difference between these coolers is the source of the water. The bottled coolers water source, comes from a large bottle of water normally placed on top of the cooler. For the mains cooler, the mains water supply is its source of water.

Bottled Water Cooler

These coolers are common place in small offices or any location where there is a small to medium demand for water. Office Beverages will provide bottles of water (18.9 litres) to use with the cooler.

Advantages include:

  • A great way to enjoy bottles of refreshingly chilled British Spring Water
  • These coolers can be placed almost anywhere (within reason!)
  • They don’t need to be connected to a mains water supply
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Can easily be moved around the office
  • Very affordable option when there is a low demand for water
  • Office Beverages offer flexible short-term contracts for these units

Disadvantages include:

  • Can run out of water
  • Water bottles need to be stored and moved
  • Water bottles need to be replaced when they become empty

Office Beverages offer regular deliveries and sanitisation to ensure you don’t run out of water, minimal storage space is required and the bottled water cooler is always performing to a high standard.

Mains Water Cooler

These coolers are often the preferred choice for larger business where there is a medium to large demand for water.

Advantages include:

  • An unlimited supply of filtered water
  • Requires very little space (no need to store additional equipment or bottles)
  • The cooler only needs to be sanitised every 6 months
  • Often a more aesthetically pleasing design
  • Very affordable option when there is a medium to high demand for water
  • Some units are able to dispense sparkling water

Disadvantages include:

  • Needs to be plumbed to the mains water supply and within 5 metres of it
  • Difficult to move the cooler around the office (due to the connection to the mains water supply)
  • Typically has a higher installation and unit rental cost than bottled water coolers

Whatever choice you do make, you can be sure that either water cooler will make a great addition to your workplace and will deliver refreshingly chilled water. As the most important thing, is that staff are provided with easy access to clean and safe drinking water.

If you would like any more information about Office Beverages mains or bottled water coolers or would like a suggestion as to which water cooler would be best for you, then please get in touch here.