Flavia Ingredients

A wide variety of great tasting hot beverage options. Used with our Flavia coffee machine you can create great tasting drinks from lattes to Yorkshire tea.

Mild Roast Coffee

Alterra Coffee - Mild Roast A light and smooth blended coffee. Delicate, easy drinking coffee, with a sweet finish. (box of 100) AM24

Smooth Roast Coffee

Alterra Coffee - Smooth Roast A light and smooth blended coffee. A smooth, well round and light roasted cup. (box of 100) AS01

Rich Roast Coffee

Alterra Coffee - Rich Roast A medium and balanced blended coffee. Fruity, sweet flavour that will shine through. (box of 100) AR11

Italian Roast Coffee

Alterra Coffee - Italian Roast A dark and intense blended coffee. Rich, warm caramel notes leaving a smokey finish. (box of 100) AL94

Espresso Roast Coffee

Alterra Coffee - Espresso Roast A dark and intense blended coffee. Heavy bodied, bold and earthy flavour. (box of 100) AE82

Artisan Roast Coffee

Alterra Coffee - Artisan Roast A medium and bright blended coffee. Special blend, with distinctive bright notes. (box of 100) AL54

Sumatra Coffee

Alterra Coffee - Sumatra A dark and intense origin coffee. Heavy bodied complex cup with a bold finish. (box of 100) AU19

Ethiopia Coffee

Alterra Coffee - Ethiopia A medium and bright origin coffee. Distinctive bright and fruity flavour. (box of 100) AT66

Colombia Coffee

Alterra Coffee - Colombia A medium and balanced origin coffee. An aromatic, balanced and fragrant experience. (box of 100) AC42

Hazelnut Coffee

Alterra Coffee - Hazelnut A flavoured blended coffee. Medium roasted beans and flavour of hazelnut. (box of 100) AH73

Smooth Roast Decaf Coffee

Alterra Coffee - Smooth Roast Decaf A light and smooth decaf blended coffee. Light roasted and refreshing. (box of 100) AD57

Rich Italian Coffee

Taylors of Harrogate - Rich Italian Coffee A sophisticated roast rich Italian coffee. Medium dark roast, notes of chocolate and almond. (box of 100) TH51