Instant Ingredients

A variety of instant ingredients for a fast and great tasting hot beverage solution. Ideal for use with our Water Boilers.

Infuso Barista Dutch Hot Chocolate

Our premium hot chocolate is a delicious and easy to use powder. A great tasting...

Purchase: £38.40 (ex VAT)

Infuso Barista Granular Milk

Infuso Barista Granular Milk is a simple to use and hassle free method of making...

Purchase: £70.72 (ex VAT)

Infuso Tea Chest

A deliciously smooth blend of tea. (550 tea bags per box) TB513

Purchase: £12.00 (ex VAT)

Infuso Barista Freeze Dried Coffee

A great tasting and cost effective barista freeze dried instant coffee. (750 g tin) FD680...

Purchase: £25.00 (ex VAT)

PG Tips Instant Granulated Tea

Pure instant granulated tea, perfect for use in our instant coffee machines. (10 x 100 g)...

Purchase: £119.60 (ex VAT)

Infuso Barista Colombian Freeze Dried Coffee

A delicious Colombian freeze dried coffee. (10 x 300 g) FD700

Purchase: £59.60 (ex VAT)