Office Beverages is proud to introduce the incredible Flavia Creation 400 Drinks Station. The pride of our coffee machine collection, the Flavia brings you a beverage experience like no other you’ll find outside of a café or coffee shop.

Office Water Coolers South West Ltd. is an official Flavia distributor with trained engineers and customer service support to ensure you receive a continuous supply of coffee shop quality hot drinks for your Creation 400 Drinks Station.

Sourcing their ingredients from across the coffee and tea producing world Flavia is committed to bringing café quality beverages to your workplace or home at the touch of a button. Capturing all those aromas and flavours in their fresh packs by sealing them away from oxygen, moisture and light Flavia coffee and tea is without doubt the freshest and most delicious you’re ever likely to taste from a vending machine.

Because coffee beans and tea leaves have different optimum brewing temperatures Flavia has developed the Fresh Release™ brewing system which optimises the serving process by using hot water to unlock the sealed packs at just the right time depending on the beverage, giving you the perfect cup of tea or coffee every time.

Free Tasting

Why not take up our offer of a free demonstration and experience the Flavia Creation 400 Drinks Station for yourself. We'll come to you with the Flavia drinks system and over 30 drinks selections and install it on site. We're convinced you'll be blown away by how fresh vending machine coffee can taste.

We have flexible payment options from low cost rental, leasing or direct purchase for high value drinks at low cost.

Mars Drinks has been working with the Rainforest Alliance to source coffee beans from certified farmers for our Flavia coffees.

Whether it's a dark and intense Sumatra coffee, a refreshing cup of English Breakfast tea, or a dreamy Galaxy Hot Chocolate, the Flavia will be there, day in day out, to bring a little bit of the café culture into your office. We understand that your time at work is not only precious but sometimes in need of a little luxury and with the option of Cappuccino/Latte Swirl™ or Mars™ Swirl you can quickly and easily create a personalised indulgent drink that suits you perfectly.

For more facts and information on the health benefits of tea as well as Flavia's range of coffees and teas, please visit our article pages.