Office Beverages Supports the Just a Drop Charity.

In the UK, we take clean, safe water for granted. It’s not the same everywhere. that’s where Just a Drop comes in. Just a Drop provides drinking water and sanitation to communities in developing countries.

In 2016 the BWCA chose to raise funding for a borehole project in Kalungwishi village in Zambia. The project provided clean drinking water for the village whose inhabitants had no access to clean safe water, resulting in waterborne disease striking every week.

The BWCA’s target was to raise nearly £10,000 to help Kalungwishi village, which exists in a state of real poverty as there are no local health services and there is no access to safe water.

As a small charity Just a Drop relies on funding from individuals, groups, companies and organisations in order to keep delivering their life-saving work.

Most people in Kalungwishi draw water from unprotected hand-dug wells or river-beds often some distance from their homes. The water is not safe or clean. This has a massive impact on their lives.

At the 2016 BWCA Conference, Trade Show, Gala Dinner and Charity Auction, BWCA Members raised enough to build the first borehole, which was completed in October 2016.

In the village, Just a Drop drilled a borehole to a maximum depth of 70m and equipped it with a hand pump, enabling the community to reach clean and safe water. To ensure that water will be available into the future, community-elected women and men were trained and equipped to work together to repair and manage the water systems. Just a Drop also provide hygiene education, to ensure people stay healthy.

The benefits of providing the borehole and pump is:

  • A healthier community
  • As they are healthier, children will be able to spend more time at school
  • As there will be no need to fetch water, women will have improved productivity, improving lives into the future
  • Hygiene and sanitation will improve

At the BWCA 2017 Conference, Trade Show, Gala Dinner & Charity Auction once again enough funds were raised to build a second borehole which will be completed by the autumn 2017.