Our Water

The water we supply for water coolers is drawn from a 90 meter deep aquifer since 2007 after 2 years of analysis to achieve the best quality water, straight from the source in Warwickshire. This analysis was carried out by the Environment Agency to assure that contamination never happens. All our bottles are refilled at the source, old bottles are recycled along with the bottle caps so we do not send any waste to landfills, making us a low waste producer. Before bottling our water is filtered, then subjected to UV light and finally ozonated to ensure the quality is maintained. Samples are taken daily for onsite bacterial testing and weekly to an UKAS accredited external laboratory.

All of our bottles are delivered by DBS registered drivers who ensure a professional service that meets the current WHA drinking water regulations.

Type - Still drinking water Nitrate - 25 mg/l
Calcium - 80 mg/l Potassium - 5 mg/l
Chloride - 18 mg/l Sodium - 26 mg/l
Fluoride - 0.18 mg/l Sulphate - 42 mg/l
Iron - <10µ g/l Total dissolved solids - 325 mg/l
Magnesium - 13 mg/l pH value - 7.0
* Filtration 5.0-0.45ųm, UV treatment, Ozonation at 0.05-0.2ppm
* Packaged in returnable Polycarbonate bottles with single use LDPE closures
* Available in sizes 13.0ltr and 18.9ltr bottles
* Filled in ‘HEPA’ filtered positive pressure filing cabinet, using pressurised non-contact filling heads
* Transported as a food product at ambient temperature, not transported with tainting materials
* Store away from strong light and at room temperature for a long shelf life of 6 months
* Intended to be used as drinking supply for water coolers.