Bevstop 5

Bevstop 5

The Bevstop 5 is a sophisticated espresso brewing system that delivers a true coffee shop quality drink. This compact and stylish machine is perfect to fit into the smallest of available spaces.

Office Beverages provide a wide range of compatible ingredients to use with this machine to make delicious hot beverages such as: Cappuccino, Café Au Lait, Espresso, Mochaccino, Black Coffee, Latte Macchiato, Hot Chocolate, Espresso Macchiato and Hot Water. 

This machine is able to serve an office of up to 50 users, with an approximate low cost of around 10p per cup. 

If you choose a service package from Office Beverages, we will ensure it is always kept clean and working in peak condition as well as ensuring you never run out of your favourite hot drinks. 

This machine is typically a free-vend device but other specifications are available by contacting us. 

The machine can provide a variety of drink sizes, multiple drink selections and runs on mains fed water. 

We offer four colours, black, silver, copper or gold, so you can choose a design that best fits your corporate image. 

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more!

  • Available in black, silver, copper or gold
  • 14 drink selections
  • 2 or 3 canisters
  • Continuous drinks output
  • Drink sizes available (7 oz or 9 oz, plastic, china or paper cups)
  • Mains water supply
  • Machine Dimensions (W:402 x D: 560 x H: 860 mm)
  • Machine dimensions with cabinet (W: 402 x D: 560 x H: 1770 mm)
  • NB: depending on model top/front access required for cleaning/filling

Basic Free Vend - Other specifications available on application.



Price on application (ex VAT)


Please Enquire

All our water cooler and coffee machine rental packages include regular deliveries on a schedule to suit your organisation. We are happy to tailor the schedule to your needs. 

We include sanitation services as standard, and seek to ensure your experience is the best it can be.

Our water and coffee are excellent (we are very confident saying that) and we offer no-obligation free trials and demos to prove it! Just contact us to find out more!

We also offer filling and cleaning as well as breakdown cover.