Billi Quadra

Billi Quadra

The Billi Quadra under sink system is an elegant tap capable of dispensing boiling, chilled and sparkling water. These taps are designed and manufactured as energy efficient filtered water systems; providing customers with the very best in innovation, superior performance and reliability.

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  • Safety switch to lock the boiling water flow
  • Hot water safety tap
  • Heat exchange efficiently aids the boiling water process
  • Premium filtration provides superior water quality
  • Chilled temperature 6-15ºC
  • No ventilation cut outs required

Spec based on Quadra 460 S:

  • Water: Boiling, Chilled, Sparkling
  • Chilled water output (34 Litres per hour)
  • Boiling water output (30 Litres per hour)
  • Dimensions C & S  (W: 180 x D: 460 x H: 420 mm)
  • Dimensions Boiling (W: 180 x D: 460 x H: 340 mm)

Performance and capacity is dependent on model



Price on application (ex VAT)


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